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Toe Socks for Yoga, Pilates and Workout.

Almost like being barefoot

Give your toes mobility and help your feet to stand steady. Toe socks warm and protect your feet and yet it feels like being barefoot.

The most comfortable footbeds since the invention of socks

The new Knitido concept of embedded feet specifically supports the arch of your foot and helps your whole body to straighten up and keep balanced while doing exercise..

Natural, eudermic, anti-slip

Our Knitido+ toe socks are exclusively made of organic cotton. On top of that some of the Knitido Plus models are botanically dyed.


embedded | Balance

Functional toe socks with a leveling footbed.

Find your inner balance.


embedded | Posture

Functional toe socks for Pilates and Yoga

with posture correction. Straighten up.


embedded | Support

Functional toe socks with arch support.

For more vitality and endurance.

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton toe socks.

From controlled cultivation.


Botanical Dye

Colored with natural vegetable dyes.

Skin-friendly and natural.

Leg warmers

Warm legs. Full foot feeling.

Feel where you are.

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Knitido + toe socks are specially designed for the needs of Pilates and yoga practitioners . The Knitido + embedded concept was developed for these new toe socks in 2018 (patent pending). The system of support zones and cushions supports the functions of the foot . Like an embedded footbed , it forms a comfortable contact surface for the foot and specifically supports its longitudinal and transverse arch. This suggests the right position for your feet, they shift their center of gravity and at the same time steer the body into a balanced, upright posture . Toe socks from Knitido + are made in completely seamless, three-dimensional knitting . Like the proverbial "second skin"they are based as closely as possible on the anatomy of the human foot. Knitido + toe socks are currently available in 17 models as sneakers, footies, leg warmers, leg warmers and warm toe socks .