antimicrobial Silver Socks

Dr. Foot® Silver Protect toe socks – Knitido´s truly effective silver socks

Dr. Foot® Silver Protect toe socks were specially developed to fight germs and foot odor effectively.

Silver Socks 2.0

Works where common silver socks fail: in the breeding ground of germs – between the toes.

The individually shaped toes of our socks help the silver thread work where other socks fail. In order to work, the silver thread has to be in contact with germs especially where they like to hide – and this happens to be the case between the toes. Dr. Foot® Silver Protect toe socks absorb moisture between your toes, keeping your feet dry while the silver thread can put its natural effect to good use.
Do not worry about taking your socks off anymore: Dr. Foot® Silver Protect keeps your feet sanitary, dry and odorless.

Dr. Foot® – put them on and enjoy their effect.

These toe socks contain 87% of cotton and can be worn by men as well as by women. Try them if you suffer from athlete's foot, smelly or sweaty feet or skin infection. If you have a diagnosed diabetic foot please consult your diabetologist as these socks have a cuff with an elastic band.

Our silver socks are washable at 60 degrees. Because of their antimicrobial effect they are used by people working in health care as well as by people who have to wear work boots or suffer from smelly feet. The silver thread consists of cotton with a core of silver. To protect this silver core from being washed out, part of its surface is sealed by a synthetic layer. Because of that hardly any silver gets released into the environment even if the socks are washed and worn frequently. No Nano silver is used.