Bunion Toe Socks

Toe socks and aids in case of bunion

Hallux Valgus or “bunion” describes the condition that ends with the big toe bending inwards. This often also causes a painful infection of the metatarsophalangeal joint.

The causes can be very different, but research has proven that wearing tight or wrong shoes has a fundamental impact. Walking in tight shoes leads to a weakening of muscles and tendons that keep the big toe in its position.
A disturbance in the fundament of our body can have many repercussions: other joints try to take over, your body starts compensating with malpositions – and the pain can appear as far as in the back, in the hips and even in the jaw.

Bunion can be treated with surgery or with non-invasive therapy.

Knitido® counts on non-invasive, gentle and long-lasting correction by strengthening the foot itself. This can be achieved by wearing toe socks and ortheses in combination with comfortable shoes and regular foot excersises.
Knitido® toe socks help keeping the toes apart and help relieve foot pain. Other aids such as Taping Loops help achieve an effective correction, oth in case of bunion and of hammer toe.