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Reason no. 1: toe socks protect from blisters

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How do blisters develop?

Did you know? There is a very simple formula for getting blisters on your toes:

blisters = friction x moisture x pressure

In other words: blisters develop where wet skin is exposed to too much friction and pressure. How can toe socks help against this?

How do toe socks protect you from getting blisters?

Illustration Zehensocken erhöhen die Zehenbeweglichkeit

Step no. 1: retaining moisture

Against moisture there is really just the one thing: sweating less and regulating moisture.
This is easier said than done. But why do we sweat at all? By sweating your body reacts to too much warmth, releasing water. The sweat evaporates on your skin and this normally cools your body temperature down.
It's different when you wear firm footwear: the sweat doesn't evaporate and your foot cannot cool down. And how does your body react to that? By producing more sweat. In common socks the moisture between your toes remains on your skin. Toe socks however absorb the moisture and retain it in the fabric. And there you go: step number one is done, the sweat has been absorbed.

Step no. 2: no more friction

When talking about toe socks, by friction we mean friction between your toes. The damp skin of each toe rubs against its neighbour.
On top of that you might feel sharp corners of toenails, a callus on one of your toes or a bit of sand that accidentally got into your socks.

Toe socks put an end to this friction. Every single toe is enclosed in its own jacket that feels like a second skin and stops the rubbing.

Step no. 3: reduce the pressure

Yes, that's right: pressure is something you have to take care of.

Wear sensible and comfortable shoes that provide plenty of space for your toes. They are basically the fingers of your feet and need enough room to be able to do what they're there for.

Barefoot shoes are ideal as they provide plenty of room and mobility.

Less blisters – who is it particularly relevant for?

Marathon TS

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts

Anybody who knows the feeling of getting blisters while doing sports or hiking will be thrilled by our TS series. These socks combine ergonomically shaped toes, arch support and non-slip coating against friction within the shoe.

Dr. Foot Silver Protect

People wearing work shoes

When wearing work shoes the body can hardly regulate temperature and moisture. No wonder so many people wearing working shoes suffer from both blisters and sweaty feet. We recommend Dr. Foot toe socks with silver thread.