Why toe socks?

Five good reasons for wearing toe socks

Once you've tried toe socks on, you're hooked. That’s how good it feels! It's almost like like being barefoot, but with extras. Toe socks have many benefits for your health because they're designed in order to fulfill the natural needs of your feet.

1. Toe socks protect you from blisters

How do some people manage to run a marathon without getting a single blister? Why can some people go on hikes for days and still have their feet look like new?

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2. No more smelly feet!

Foot odour is unpleasant for you as well as for the people around you. Wearing toe socks is an effective way against smelly feet, because they simply...

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3. Exactly the right temperature
– neither too cold nor too warm.

Who hasn't experienced it: you're half asleep in bed and there come innocently two ice cold feet, moving closer and closer. What might feel like a pleasant surprise in August is not very funny once it happens in cold and wet November: the perpetual ice on the lower part of the body.
And vice versa: some people start sweating if they only as much as think about socks. And yet it is so easy to regulate temperature...

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4. Strengthen your feet
– strong feet are healthy feet.

Toe socks are good for your foot muscles: they train and strengthen the toes, help the natural posture of the foot and prevent toes from malposition.

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5. Toe socks help to improve your posture.

Toe socks support your feet in carrying the bodyweight. In the long run this has an effect on the whole body posture.

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