about Knitido

About Knitido®

Knitido has specialized in the development and production of toe socks. Thanks to technological innovation and creativity Knitido® currently owns 25 patents for toe socks production processes. Our know-how makes our products unique in both function and quality. We knit according to the anatomy of the foot, and this is why our toe socks feel like a second skin that protects your feet and keeps them warm.

Knitido develops toe socks that, unlike any “common” socks, ...

  • don´t compress toes but favor their natural posture,
  • keep and air the space between the toes,
  • support and strengthen the individual mobility and tactile sense of the toes,
  • are seamless to prevent feet from blisters and pressure marks,
  • are easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Knitido toe socks – the company

We are motivated by our belief that toe socks can contribute to the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Therefore we keep an eye on every detail, however small, and constantly work on new innovations. We use high tech manufacturing methods as well as the knowledge of our experienced employees – all in the name of quality.

Products of the Knitido® brand are exclusively produced in our factory in Japan. With 60 permanent employees and an efficient network of subcontractors we support the local economy of the Wakayama Prefecture. Fair labour conditions for our employees are very important to us.

We are proud to say: our products are designed to fit perfectly and to support your mobility from the ground on – that is, from your feet.