Do you spur others?

Do you teach yoga or Pilates classes, are you a fitness trainer or do you work in therapeutic sports? Do you teach a discipline best done barefoot or in socks?

Become Knitido®-Sensei!

At Knitido® we strongly believe that being barefoot is the optimal state for the foot: only this way we can move freely, be flexible and in touch with our sensory system. And if we really need to cover the foot, then it best be in socks that come closest to its natural shape. This is why we have been producing toe socks for the last 40 years.

We are looking for teachers in fitness and sports who are enthusiastic about our socks and convince others to move their feet freely. As Knitido®-Sensei you will have a permanent 10% discount on all Knitido® and Knitido+® products in our onlineshop.

We also offer discounted Knitido Plus® multipacks woth your first order. Just write us an e-mail at to find out more.

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