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Strong feet are healthy feet

At some point they concern us all: those annoying, sneaky foot pains. First they are just a little uncomfortable, but then they start impairing you in everyday tasks – and before you know it, you have actual malformations. And yet preventing them is so easy.
The formula for malformations looks more or less like this:

shoes x time – movement = malformations

To solve the problem, you just have to turn it all around: the less your feet are stuck in uncomfortable, tight shoes, and the more they can move freely, the stronger they get. And the stronger your foot musculature, the healthier your feet.
What do toe socks have to do with it?

How can toe socks strengthen your feet?

Illustration Zehensocken stärken die Fußmuskulatur

Step 1: take the foot as benchmark

… and not the other way round.

Have you noticed? Shoes follow the latest fashion trend, and socks follow the shapes and requirements of shoes. The result: your feet are stuck from early on in an unnatural, tight space; your toes are pressed against each other in order to fit in pointy shoes.

Knitido® turns it around: our toe socks not only have separate toes, also other anatomical details as the heel and the width of your instep play an important role in our design. This way our toe socks actually take on the anatomical shape of your foot and feel like a second skin.

Step 2: choose the right shoes

At some point, when wearing toe socks, you’ll start choosing broader shoes – that’s not only normal, it’s actually a good sign. If you feel your shoes might be too tight, they probably are, and your toes are just starting to take back the space they need.

Do your feet a favour and choose comfortable shoes, such as so-called barefoot shoes. They not only leave plenty of space for your toes to move, but their sole also supports the natural movement of your foot when walking.

The keyword is: training. You’ll have to work for it – now that you have taken step 1 and 2, you have to keep walking. Exercise and time will reward you: your toes will take on a more natural position, your feet will start moving more consciously and will get stronger and healthier.

Avoiding malpositions – who is it relevant for?

Marathon TS


For runners feet are (almost) everything. But why invest in expensive running shoes, only to take average socks? Our running toe socks from the line Marathon TS are tailored to the runner’s foot and its needs.

Bunion Toe Socks

Is it too late?

Toe socks from the line Dr. Foot® support our feet with beginning or existing malpositions: they help both prevent the former and alleviate the latter.