Feet are literally the foundation of our body – they carry our entire weight. No wonder loads of back problems are caused by the way we walk. The formula for a good posture is very simple:

active feet = better posture

The way we walk and stand also depends on how our feet carry the weight - whether in an active or passive way.
How can toe socks help?

How do toe socks influence your posture?

Illustration Zehensocken fördern eine gute Körperhaltung

Step 1: spread the load

Whether the weight gets carried on one or several points makes a great difference. That is the case also with your body weight: it does not only make a difference whether you stand on one or two legs, but also whether the foot is stressed on one or more points.

Just try it for yourself: put your shoes on, stand on one leg and keep your balance (not easy, is it?). Now do it again, only this time on bare feet (or in toe socks!). Then spread your toes: now your weight is not carried on one, but on three points on each foot.

This is the reason Knitido® knits toe socks: because our toes have an important active function.

Step 2: stay active

...and now it's up to you: train your feet to strengthen your muscles. The more flexible your toes, the more important they become in carrying your body weight. And the more active the whole foot is, the better the posture.

Also your knees, your back and your neck will benefit from that.

Who benefits most from posture improvement?

Knitido Plus

Yoga and Pilates students

All yogis are fans of our brand Knitido Plus® for yoga, Pilates and workouts on the mat: these non-slip toe socks give you a good grip on the mat and support your stability and balance thanks to their anatomical soles.



Walking on bare feet is a great exercise, but not everyone can (or wants to) walk barefoot at all times. That’s where our Everyday toe socks come in: a guaranteed training for your toes and fabrics for all seasons.